TOP, PRIME & MAENG IP Law Firm was founded in 1991 by Mr. Seonho Maeng, focused on the mechanical Engineering cases and related matters thereof. The firm has been expanded rapidly to cover wide range of areas and domestic and international intellectual property cases. As one of the leading law firms in the field of intellectual property rights in Korea, the firm has long-standing and strong client relationships and consistently committed to protecting the interests of the clients.

The members of the firm are highly qualified and well versed in the subjects of their specialization. The works of the firm are dealt by professional staffs of intellectual property administration, IP technological experts and IP attorneys. All the partner attorneys have worked at various technological areas in the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), experiencing examination, prosecution, litigation and so forth. The members are always trying to make proper and persistent contribution to every client as their partner, responding to their strategy of IP.

TOP, PRIME & MAENG IP Law Firm has hundreds of associates-foreign Agents which represent thousands of applicants of intellectual property rights all over the world.

We offer a wide range of specialist services for protection, commercialization, enforcement and management of all types of IP in Korea.


Patents & Utility Models :
Filing and prosecution of patent & utility model application to grant, licensing, assignment, invalidation, search, counseling and advising on the patent and utility model.

Trademarks :
Filing and prosecution of trademarks registrations, licensing, assignment, opposition, cancellation, search, counseling and advising on the trademark.

Industrial Designs :
Filing and prosecution of industrial designs registrations, licensing, assignment, opposition, invalidation, search, counseling and advising on the industrial designs

Annuity :
Maintenance of granted patents & utility models.
Trademarks renewal.

Litigations :
Representing clients before the Patent Court and Supreme Court for the case of patents, utility model, industrial design and trademarks.

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